Wednesday, September 8, 2010


i think its been a long time i didnt update my it goes summary what happen for the past 8 month.i finished my a lvl and graduate from it.eventhough i quite dissapointed with the grades i got but i still qualified to the course that i want.yeahhh all this time ive been dreaming about stdying last i get it!i get to stdy medicine.i will pursuit it at Mansoura University in egypt.since i will be flying off to egypt soon i will keep my blog updated so that people in malaysia will know how i am doing!
thats all for now


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

the story of us.and many more to come!!

Taylors student id

The story begin when we enrolled into taylors college.we end up at the same class.So the story begins like this,she start to call me orang asli because of some reason.From that day we start to talk and get to know each other.A few days later,i ask her for her hp no and she give it to me..since that day we start to sms and become closer and closer day by day!

at the 1st day of raya is the best moment that happen in my life.she say yes!!woohooo the joyness!!she make me wait for 2 month ok!!thats a long time...haihh..lucky im a patient guy!

Since that day,we help each other out when we got problem..we always try to solve any conflict between us as soon as possible so it wont drag longer and become worse.I know sometimes we got some silly arguement but its only part of the relationship,there is no relationship without arguement right??

because of this arguement we get to know each other always happy being with u sarah woon yen yen.u cherish every moment of my life.u are there when i was down..u are my smelly kerbau!!wahahaha!!u are such an interesting person!and i am lucky i get to know u and have u as my i always say to u.u are unique!!
love u!

Monday, June 8, 2009

im backk!!!

hey guys!its quite a long time i never update my blog,being bz lately with the finals.
finally!!1 more days and its over!at last i get some holiday after a few month of studies..a few weeks of breaks is just nice for me!

i will update more later on!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009


today is thinking skills paper 1,sem 1 paper 1 is harder than the trials luckily,i hope i will score for it.
today went to futsal at sports planet with aj,ajjay,jun and the waterboy ANIQ,without u i sure die cause of dehydration eventhough u saying that im taking prozac!!3 of the korean guy that i play with is going back to korea!so sad!!!no more team to play with and lose a friend!!haihhh!!we took some pictures b4 we all went back!
long way back home jst now!
my leg almost get cramp half way!luckily it does not get cramp if not sure i die!!limping and crying in the middle of the road!!!

wuhhh!!2morrow is the last paper for my AS trials..then got 2 weeks holiday!must spend this holiday well!!hope i wont slack!!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

tired and and need some holiday!!!

since lydia ask me to update my blog!i update for u my dear fren!this month is a very tiring month for me!feel like taking a plane to go somewhere nice that can relax ur mind!!like bali,pulau redang!fuhh i wish i was there to enjoy the beauty of the god creation!

my trials is on this month!
after finish the trials we will get 2 weeks of holiday!2 weeks=stdy week!!
cause my AS final will be starting 3 weeks after my holiday!hope i can score an A for my importang subject!!

i miss my school friend! hope i can meet them soon!
damn miss u guys!


Sunday, March 1, 2009


This is the first time i involved in car accident!its scary man!luckily my sis and i didn`t get injured in that sis myvi front bumper 1/3 of it gone case..hahahaha lucky it jst the bumperr..i hope that wont happen to me again!
thank god!!

i will post the pic of the car later..

back to chemistry!
organics gonna make my head go BOOM!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

college and school!

2morrow college gonna start!its gonna be fun and tiring for me...i dont know nowdays i enjoy my college but sometimes i miss my old school frens.all the laughter we had,the crazy things we do!its fun.but in college u cant do that anymore.u must be more serious to ur studies not like last time where we can skip classes,extend our PJ period.But in college we cant do that cause if we miss one class..its like a lot for us to cover.Haihh but its college...every had to go through my parents say nothings is easy if u wanna become success.Then ganbatte for me!

I hope i do well!!
pray for me!
tkcr all!